The Forget-Me-Not Society

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The Forget-Me-Not Society events are hosted by the East Kent Freemasons 2025 Festival with overall sponsorship from The Patriot Group.


The East Kent Freemasons 2025 Festival has a target of £3.5 million to be donated to the Masonic Charitable Foundation.


The Masonic Charitable Foundation is one of the largest grant-making charities in the country. In addition to the support provided to Freemasons and their families, the Masonic Charitable Foundation awards millions of pounds each year to local and national charities that help vulnerable people, advance medical research and provide opportunities for young people. The Masonic Charitable Foundation also helps to fund vital services such as hospices and air ambulances and regularly contributes to worldwide appeals for disaster relief. In total, support helps to improve the lives of thousands of people every year in England, Wales and internationally.


The Forget-Me-Not Society is sponsored by The Patriot Group. 


The Patriot Group of companies is a family business and includes Cinram Novum, one of the UK’s leading music and media distribution companies.

Celebrating Our Friends

Headed by Lord Martyn Rose and David King MBE, The Forget-Me-Not Society hosts a series of lunches, dinners and functions with each event focussed on highlighting the extraordinary achievements of an individual’s life and career.


Events are normally attended by family and colleagues of the featured celebrity as well as those simply wanting to show their respect. We attract considerable interest from high profile personalities and press interest - our events are designed to be fun and enjoyable as well as providing an opportunity to ‘mingle’ with well-known stars. As well as paying tribute to the ‘great and the good’, the Forget-Me-Not Society also aims to raise funds for charity. We normally feature a ‘silent auction’ with a wide range of memorabilia, unique holidays and experiences as well as ‘one of a kind’ gifts.

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